A         М


Many times I have described you
Or tried.
Much time have I spent with you
Creating our own wonderful memories
But I finally figured out how I can show you
How you make me feel
When you smile at me
That special way you do when you tickle me-
I’m in Amsterdam, at Tivoli Garden
Spinning around on a high-flying ride
Laughing happily into the cold wind in the dark sky
When you hold me while I cry
When I feel like I can’t explain to you how I’m feeling, how you fix it-
I’m in Nice, drowning in my own head
And you
You are the time I found a quiet cathedral, and I stepped into peace for just a moment
When we kiss and you kill yourself trying to make it perfect-
I’m in Paris, climbing the Eiffel Tower
Breathlessly looking out over the whole city from the Tower’s top
When we’re cuddling on the couch, giggling-
I’m in Turks and Caicos, sitting on a beach chair
Looking out and watching the sunset move softly across the ocean
You take me everywhere
With your smile
Your face
Your love
It’s amazing
I travel the world without leaving the house.


Julia Orlofski