... a gift of time; or you can call it an investment because it gets more precious with time.




My name is Gabija and I’m hopelessly sentimental. While some photograph for artistic purposes, others love the thrill of a photoshoot, the purpose I take pictures is to freeze time so that I could look back, it makes me all fuzzy and warm inside. This is also what I want to give to my clients - a gift of time, or you can call it an investment, because it gets more precious with time.


Naturalness, beauty, sincere joy, moments when we feel beautiful and loved, the family that is next to us, the embrace of friends, laughter and tears of joy - most often we want to stop these moments of our lives and they want to remember for a long time. I fall in love a bit with every person I work with and try to keep your memories with loving eyes.


I strive to create timeless pictures, with the quality of a fine art piece, that has a special place in the gallery of your heart.


Let’s stop the time together!


With love,


If you're interested what I do besides wedding, check out my commercial photography website!


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